Are You Covered?

International travelers are finding out on an increasing basis that their domestic medical insurance coverage most likely will NOT cover them when the Claims originate outside their country. Unfortunately most people are not aware of this technicality and travel unprotected. Some will discover that, often, foreign Hospitals require a sizable cash deposit prior to being admitted That facility may not have appropriate equipment or trained medical personnel to handle your particular circumstance; this will require being medically evacuated. Different languages and medical standards may stand in the way of your receiving the necessary care. There are some domestic programs that will offer some relief overseas but usually that coverage is severely diminished in scope and often difficult to use. Honestly? Most of you will have a safe and enjoyable journey. But for some it could be quite different.

Why Gamble with your Health?

Whether you travel for pleasure or business or education, we have solutions available that are comprehensive, easily affordable and accessible online. We welcome you to our website and encourage you to read the material, ask your questions by email or even telephone, obtain an immediate price quotation and even apply for coverage, all on the pages within this website. Then, when organizing your next international trip simply apply for the coverage that best matches your circumstances. Enjoy your new Adventure.

Our Insurance Programs

Global Medical

Coverage for one year or longer for Individuals, Families or Employees

Travel Medical

Coverage for a minimum of 5 days or up to two years

Trip Insurance

Travel Protection for Trip Cancellation or Interruption

Scholar Programs

Coverage for students outside their country

Visitors Insurance

Medical Insurance on a Listed Basis is the least expensive

Group Employee Benefits

Coverage for employee groups of 2 or more effective with coverage worldwide, regional or just a single country


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